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Executive Committee 2013

President & ICC Member:- Dr. Rakesh Shah, SOMC, Sylhet.

Executive Committee 2013:-

Coordinator :-   Amit Giri ,SMCH,Dhaka

Sub Coordinator :-  Saroj Yadav ,BUET,Dhaka

Sub Coordinator :-  Kalpana Giri ,SWMC,Dhaka

General  Secretary:-  Bikash Sah ,AFMC,Dhaka

Joint Secretary  :-   Sishir Pokhrel ,DNMC,Dhaka

Treasurer :-    Bikash Sah ,BUET,Dhaka

Girl’s Representative :-  Suzana Raut ,CDC,Dhaka

Cultural and Media  Representative  :-  Sophiya Thapa , AFMC,Dhaka

Speaker  :-  Niraj Yadav , NIMC, Dhaka



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